Advanced Analytics powered by Social Intelligence

Xtract develops and delivers Advanced Analytics solutions powered by Social Intelligence. We boost the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities of leading-edge companies by providing measurable results in real time, equipping you with market-leading profiling and prediction accuracy.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of frontline managers and marketers who must deliver measurable results in real-time, our powerful 3D analytics engine mashes contextual data (including age, gender, contract type and prevailing conditions) with behavioral data (including transaction history, channel usage and change of contract) and social networks data (including communities, roles and recommendations). This continuously self-learning analytical framework gives you market-leading profiling and prediction accuracy. By integrating our engine with pre-built modules that are tuned to vertical-specific business needs, we ensure that analytical data is immediately actionable by frontline managers and by downstream business processes in real time:

• Mobile operators benefit from more effective churn management, mobile marketing and advertising).

• Financial companies improve fraud detection and identify the most profitable next offer).

• Retailers optimise pricing and product placement.

As a productised analytical platform, our Advanced Analytics solutions are capable of utilising vast amounts of versatile data – including information related to social networks – to create accurate predictions of critical phenomena such as churn. Until now, business insight has been mainly focused on data availability from a consolidated data warehouse allied to the analysis of historical patterns. We believe, however, that businesses have an increasing need to improve their understanding of what will happen in the future. Such predictive insight enables you to make the right decisions early enough to stay ahead of competition.

Our next-generation Advanced Analytics equip you with the tools that transform vast and disparate amounts of data into actionable information. To the historical focus of current methodologies, we add the critical differentiator of forward-looking insight.

Purchase decisions are rarely made in isolation. In the decision-making process, we are all influenced by a number of external factors that integrate with our needs, desires and core values. Xtract’s Advanced Analytics encompass such external factors by analysing social networks derived from transactional data. This not only improves overall prediction accuracy, but also enables the implementation of new marketing approaches based on viral considerations. See [link to Social Intelligence White Paper] for more details.

In today’s extremely competitive markets, business decisions increasingly need to be made very quickly, sometimes instantly. Such an environment makes new demands on analytical solutions, requiring them to deliver the relevant information needed to make the right decisions. Analytical solutions need to be tightly integrated into business processes. In practice, this means an automated system that ensures information can be utilised in business processes without manual intervention. It also means that such systems need to be inherently self-learning to avoid intrusive and time-consuming manual maintenance.

“…Gartner expects that through 2015, advanced analytics will become one of the most important categories of business intelligence and business applications. The number of “smart” devices is growing everyday and the volume of data they produce is growing exponentially – doubling every 18 months. By 2012 we will have five times more data stored than we did in 2008.

The challenge for business is to make sense of all this data, to hear the music amid the noise, to identify the valuable from the trivial, the critical from the unimportant and to do it all quickly enough to be able to make use of that discovery – to make better decisions.”